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12 August 2022

Places to unwind and relax.


Today is National Relaxation Day and Air Europa has decided to give you a helping hand.

How about visiting some of the best places in Spain to relax and unwind?

We believe that stopping to take a breath of fresh air and being mindful is essential to reconnect with your personal and professional routine.

So, we invite you to take a walk through some stunning locations along the Cantabrian coast to inland areas where you can explore unknown landscapes.

We will even hop over to our beloved islands, because, my dear friends, what could be more relaxing than the sound of the ocean waves crashing against the shore?

If you are ready, let’s take a deep breath as the journey down the path of relaxation starts now.

A bench overlooking the sea

Some call it the most beautiful bench in the world, what we can tell you for sure is that sitting here looking at the horizon is incredibly relaxing.

It is so relaxing that you could spend hours looking at the sea and letting yourself go.

To do this, you will have to come to the Mirador de O Coteilo, in Ortigueira, in the province of A Coruña.

Mirador de O Coteilo

Why is this place so special?

It is situated at the top of a cliff and the path up to this point is definitely worth it, in just one or two hours you can walk along the cliffs of Loiba. Of course, it is forbidden to deviate from the route, please respect all signposts! And at the end, besides taking the traditional photo on the bench, take some time to sit down and relax.

From Santurce to Bilbao

It is no secret that the Basque Country is magical, but getting to San Juan de Gaztelugatxe will feel as though you have stepped onto a footbridge that takes you to the end of the world.

This small and peculiar islet is located between Bakio and Bermeo and is presided over by the hermitage of San Juan de Gaztelugatxe, which requires an ascent of almost 2,500 steps, a climb that is well worth the effort.

San Juan de Gaztelugatxe

Legend has it that if you ring the bell three times once you reach the hermitage, the evil spirits will be chased away.

And for lovers of TV series, especially Game of Thrones fans, remember that San Juan de Gaztelugatxe was the setting for some of the scenes that were filmed during their visit to Spain.

Sunrise in Papagayo

We love Lanzarote because it is an island that continues to exude its unique essence without large crowds of tourists and that is why if we want to start the day with a good dose of pure relaxation there is nothing like getting up early to visit the beach of Papagayo.

It is the jewel in Lanzarote’s crown, more than two kilometers of golden sand that contrasts with the turquoise blue of its waters.

In Papagayo you can experience freedom, you can admire the vastness of the ocean.

Relaxation Playa de Papagayo

If you are a true sunrise or sunset beach lover, you now have the perfect place to relax on your visit to Lanzarote.

A natural park on the shores of the Mediterranean

If nature is what you find relaxing, you will find it here in its purest form.

There is no better plan than to relax with dreamy sunsets, boat rides … in short, a complete disconnection.

La Albufera de Valencia

An urban oasis surrounded by rice fields and forest: that’s what the Albufera Natural Park is for anyone who has ever visited it.

A boat ride is the best way to get close to the birds, and also to relax in this wonderful natural environment. At sunset, the beautiful reddish and golden tones of the sunset give it a truly magical atmosphere.

And if you are also a lover of Valencian gastronomy, here lies the origin of one of their signature dishes.

A walk among the stars

A sky full of stars is also a gamechanger, it provides an escape and a chance to lose yourself in the magic of the constellations.

The Canary Islands are considered exceptional places to study the sky. The exceptional quality of the Canary sky for astronomical observation is protected by law because the islands of Tenerife and La Palma offer a series of favorable characteristics that make them ideal places for studying the sun and the night sky.

Relaxation Tenerife

Day or night you can stroll around surrounded by huge telescopes and immerse yourself in a sea of stars and constellations, no matter the time of day.

Blissful relaxation, blissful disconnection!

If during the time it has taken you to read this brief article we have managed to get your mind to disconnect and visit each of these corners of the Spanish territory, we have fulfilled our first objective.

The second objective is for you to travel and we will take you there.

Remember that Air Europa will be there to take you wherever you decide.

Our advice is to read this article again and decide which is the ideal destination for you to relaxation and unwind on your next getaway.

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