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28 July 2020

Rural tourism in Uruguay: your new adventure

turismo rural en uruguay

Uruguay is a gently undulating peniplain“, as Uruguayans describe it. No matter from where you look you’ll see a flat, green and extensive field where you can live your new adventure. Ready? Crossing the ocean to discover rural tourism in Uruguay can be a great idea. Today we tell you everything you have to know so that you only have to put together backpack. Say yes! Off we go!

Official name: República Oriental del Uruguay

Currency: Uruguayan Peso ($)

Population: 3,449,299

In this plain of nearly 70 thousand square miles, 60 percent of the population lives in the great extensions of field, shared with over 11 million heads of cattle! We are positive that today’s life invites us to scape from stress and monotony, so nothing better than a few days touring the Uruguayan countryside to come back like new.

The small villages of the interior.

Many Uruguayan villages are linked to foreign cultures such as San Javier, in Río Negro, founded by Russian immigrants, or Nueva Helvecia, in Colonia, by Swiss. A square, a school, an abandoned train station, a river, a tambo (dairy) … Most have many things in common but at the same time a unique and particular charm. Birds like the Tero, the Hornero or the Benteveo will play the soundtrack on your walkabouts. Write down: choose rural villages in the north, east and central part of the country.

San Javier Village, Río Negro

Life in the country: Touristic Estancias

The Estancias in Uruguay are beautiful buildings around which the rural life of a family devoted to raising cattle revolves. Many of them are now touristic and will allow you to quit being a mere beholder. Can you imagine milking? Or giving a bottle to a baby calf or lamb? In addition, you have the possibility to stay and taste typical dishes made with ingredients you can collect yourself. You´ll like it so much you’ll hate to leave. Write down these words: sulky, facón, Hereford.

Rural establishment

A sunset, a gaucho and a barbecue

Is there anything more Uruguayan than sharing an Asado? Yes, a mate. But today we’re talking about rural life, the simple country life that has nothing to do with the rhythm and routines we experience in the cities. And it is like it is, simple and wonderful. Living first-hand rural tourism in Uruguay is an adventure you have to enroll right now. There is no person more honest than a gaucho, with his principles and his sincere kindness. Getting to know the world next to a bonfire will be the best you can experience. Write down: if you travel in March you can’t miss the Fiesta de la Patria Gaucha in Tacuarembó.

And it is that Uruguay is a country of traditions, and getting to know them from their upholders will be something you won’t forget.

Rural tourism in Uruguay is a very interesting option if you want to experience something new. You can also choose ecotourism to discover its natural reserves.

Our flights to Montevideo will leave you one step away from your new adventure. Travel with us, catch your flight from Madrid and get ready, Uruguay awaits you!

Alicia Ratto