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28 March 2022

Sao Paulo invites us to discover its hidden corners!

Bienvenidos a Sao Paulo

Sao Paulo! We are looking forward to enjoy a destination like the largest city in Latin America and the third largest in the continent.

Is it or is it not a good reason to fly Sao Paulo?

If you are still in doubt whether or not Sao Paulo will captivate your heart, we will unveil you some secrets you may not know.

An open-air street art museum.

The Vila Madalena neighborhood in Sao Paulo is considered the cradle of street art in Brazil. The political situation of the 70s favored students, artists and intellectuals of the time to express themselves through the street art .

Eduardo Kobra is pure art. His works will captivate you with their colors and shapes, where everything overwhelms you. You will be specially surprised by the portraits of Mahatma Gandhi, Anne Frank or Nelson Mandela.

Street Art Sao Paulo

But without doubt, the famous Batman alley is one of the places you cannot miss on your visit to Vila Madalena.

Save time for the gastronomic experience.

If the city has more than 15,000 restaurants and 20,000 bars, gastronomy plays an important role.

In the Municipal Market we can find from a more traditional offer to the most elaborate dishes.

Municipal Market
Municipal Market

Although if you really want to try a sandwich that will leave you speechless, don’t forget to try La Mortadela, a true classic served on French bread with over half a kilo of mortadella, you got it right, more than half a kilo!

If cold meats are not for you, you have to try the cod cake. A gastronomic classic of Sao Paulo, made with a family recipe, that will make you come back to the Market before you leave Sao Paulo.

The green lung of the city

We will spend the afternoon at Ibirapuera Park, the Central Park of Sao Paulo. This park was opened in 1954 to commemorate the 400th anniversary of the city.

Ibirapuera Park

Museums, monuments, sports courts and even a huge lake find their place in this impressive park. A true leisure, sports and culture center where you can ride a bike, play table tennis or enjoy a concert in its auditorium.

After this break of fresh air, are you ready to continue with the city tour?

The Japanese District

Many do not know that Sao Paulo has the largest Japanese community, outside of their country.


For this reason, walking through the Liberdade neighborhood, where most of them concentrate, is like being teleported to a street in Tokyo.

The shops and urban decoration (red benches, lanterns, bonsais, …) have a Japanese influence that reaches its climax on weekends with a flea market where you can find items directly imported from Japan.

In Air Europa, we make it very easy. As of today, you can fly to Sao Paulo and discover all these and many more wonders in this surprising city by yourself.

Ready to be captivated by Sao Paulo?

Taking off!

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