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18 September 2019

Special meals on board Air Europa flights

Menú kosher, comidas especiales, vuelos Tel Aviv

Allergies, religious beliefs, or a certain lifestyle may all be reasons for requesting alternative menu options. Special meals on board Air Europa flights whenever you travel, you can enjoy dishes that are adapted to your needs. We tell you how to request them, where, and the options available. Bon apetit!

Therapeutic meals

A large percentage of the population have some kind of allergy, intolerance or even eating disorder, and travelling can become a real challenge if you need to control what you eat. That’s why Air Europa offers the option of requesting special meals on board its flights. Meals that cater for coeliacs or diabetics, low-salt, low-fat or low-calorie dishes, lactose-free ingredients, etc., are some of the options we can offer you. In the case of specific foods, you can request meals without the ingredient in question whenever you inform us at least 72 hours in advance.


Are you vegetarian? Vegan? No problem. At Air Europa, we can also accommodate your needs. Whether you’re a strict vegan, an ovo-lacto vegetarian or a raw vegan, our catering service can attend to your requirements. Request your special meal and enjoy your flight. We’ve recently also added healthy menus and on-board breakfasts, available on request and for an additional cost on flights to Israel.

Are you travelling with children?

At Air Europa, we’re pleased to be able to offer a new children’s menu, designed especially for little taste buds. The meal box comes with coloured pencils, a map… Eye-catching and convenient, it won’t just fill their appetite, it’ll keep them amused!

This menu can be requested for children aged 2 to 11 years old (or under, if they’re already on solids). We also offer specific food for babies (purees, stewed fruits, etc.).

Meals for different religions

At Air Europa we also want to make it easy for you to observe your religious customs while travelling. As such, Halal and kosher food and meals for Hindus and Jains can be provided on board our planes.

These meals are available on board all our long-distance flights and flights to the Canaries and Europe. In the case of kosher food, this is also served on the route to Israel for an additional cost which should be paid prior to flying by contacting the Air Europa Call Centre or via our social media profiles or airport offices.

How and where can I request a special meal?

To be able to receive a special meal on board, you must request it at least 72 hours before your flight is due totake off. You can do so by calling our Call Centre or via Twitter or Facebook.

Bear in mind that depending on the country where you’re starting your trip, the specific meals served may vary as we use different providers, although your particular allergy, intolerance or other needs will always be met.

If you’re flying Business Class, our therapeutic meals or meals with excluded ingredients are available on board both domestic flights to the Canary Islands, European flights and intercontinental flights to Israel.

Now you know all you need to about the special meals available with Air Europa. See our website when you want to book your next trip and enjoy a special meal adapted to suit your needs. We’ll see you on board!

Alicia Ratto