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26 June 2017

Discover the streaming service on our long haul fleet

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We have taken yet another step to improve our on-board services, with the installation of the streaming service on the Airbus 330 fleet, offering our passengers personal and customised entertainment by allowing them to download a wide variety of audio-visual content onto their mobile devices. This wireless service makes it possible, via the on-board network, to give passengers access to diverse content, including films, thematic television channels, games and the Moving Map, to be viewed on their smartphones or tablets. To enjoy this new streaming service, passengers need to download the On the Air app onto their device from the Apple Store (iOS) or Google Play (Android) before the flight. Passengers will only be able to view the content in the app once the plane has taken off.

How do we connect?

Before the flight:

1.- Download the On the Air app on your personal device, smartphone or tablet before take-off. You can download the On the Air app from the Apple Store (iOS) or Google Play (Android).

During the flight:

2.- Keep flight mode activated and connect to the “Ontheair” WiFi network.

3.- Open the browser and go to

4.- Select “Entertainment” from the top menu.

5.- Make your choice and enjoy the on-board entertainment!

Passengers who wish to use the streaming service from a laptop will not need to download any applications.

The streaming service is totally free of charge and it is separate from our on-board internet service. We providemore information here.

The content will be regularly updated with recent films, games and new documentaries, travel and lifestyle shows, etc. During March and April you will be able to watch films including A Perfect Day and series such as Modern Family, and play games like Nitro and Blackjack, among others.

The streaming service has been installed in almost all of our Airbus 330s and it will soon be available on the whole fleet.

With the installation of the streaming system, we continue in our mission to offer our passengers the latest technology. In this regard, it is fitting to mention that our long haul planes are equipped with WiFi via satellite thanks to the innovative eXConnect system from thePanasonic Avionics Corporation.

Eva María Gomez Gomez