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21 October 2019

Street Art Destinations

Street art, urban art… These words encompass various forms of artistic expression, such as graffiti, and define a very particular art concept, technique and aesthetic. Nowadays, some of these works are considered works of art, and their authors, great artists. Today we want to offer you a special itinerary so that you can learn about and enjoy this artistic expression. We invite you to the largest museum in the world: the street. Let us introduce you to the magic of street art in São Paulo, Medellín, Bogotá and Miami. Today, let’s travel to street art destinations!

Graffiti, the predecessor of street art

Graffiti began in New York in the 60s, when an artist marked buildings with graffiti and signed as “TAKI 183”. He was a young man who worked as a messenger, and who painted his signature on all the buildings where he delivered documents and packages. Other young people began to imitate him by challenging each other to find the most difficult building or space to leave their signature, and in no time the underground and the city were invaded by what would become the beginning of a new artistic style.

One of the best known graffiti artists is Bansky, around whom an aura of mystery arose because he used a pseudonym when he started and his identity is largely unknown. His works are all over the world, and the vast majority of them are considered satirical pieces on politics, pop culture, etc. Today he is considered the leading artist of a style and an era.

São Paulo. Art as a protest.

The Vila Madalena neighbourhood in São Paulo is considered the cradle of street art in Brazil. The political situation in the 70s led students, artists and intellectuals of the time to use street art as a way to make their views, feelings and thoughts known.

Eduardo Kobra is art, he is grand. His works will captivate you and, when you look at them, you will be able to feel how the colours, the shapes, the technique, everything invades you and conveys a strong emotion.

Originally from São Paulo, he has works in many cities around the world, which turn into improvised canvases, his colourful illustrations decorating the urban landscape. His entire work is greatly admired, especially his portraits of Mahatma Gandhi, Anne Frank and Nelson Mandela.

Medellín. Comuna 13.

Many years of guerrilla warfare and political instability have encouraged the population of this area of Medellín to express their vision of the world on the walls, streets and staircases of their own neighbourhood. Today, thanks to the art gallery that Comuna 13 has become, many tourists discover this expression of art through tours that explain the meaning behind each work of art. When you travel to Colombia, Medellín is another must-see stop.

Bogotá, the capital of Colombia, is also full of street art. On the famous street of La Candelaria, in the old quarter, there is art around every corner.

Miami. The Wynwood Walls

When we talk about Miami, we think of skyscrapers next to the ocean, canals full of yachts, glamour… But Miami is also multicultural, and full of art, lots of art. Proof of this are the galleries that we find on Lincoln Road, art nights in Little Havana, and renowned artists such asAnd, of course, street art. Miami is therefore one of our street art destinations.

In 2003, the Wynwood neighbourhood started to become known as the Wynwood Arts District. An art district emerged, encouraging the appearance of European art galleries, alternative spaces, museums, ateliers, and much of the city’s artistic activity.

Air Europa and art

Many of these artists have created movements through which they aim to improve the quality of life of people living in disadvantaged areas. Their tool? Art. Boa Mistura is a clear example, and we are proud to have sponsored their Crossroads project in the Dominican Republic, which aims to transform vulnerable communities through hands-on artistic activities.

This year we also had the pleasure of becoming the Official Airline for the event that Piel de Atún hosted this summer in Cádiz, Spain. What is the aim of this organization? To raise awareness regarding climate change and the loss of underwater life. For this purpose, they also use a special tool: street art.

You are spoilt for choice. You decide where and when to travel to our street art destinations. Today we have touched on São Paulo, Medellin, Bogota and Miami, but there are many more cities with spectacular works of street art that cannot be missed.

…”painting on the street is working with simple messages, such as peace, bringing people together, ethnic groups….” -Eduardo Kobra.

Alicia Ratto