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8 March 2021

The 5 most curious airports in the world

Los 5 aeropuertos más curiosos del mundo

Flying is a very exciting experience in itself. The moments before the trip, the unsurpassed feeling of taking off and the excitement we feel when landing. But, if our journey begins or ends at one of the most curious airports in the world, expectations raise. Read on and discover what we mean exactly and which are the most curious, creative and impressive airports in the world.

Adolfo Suarez Madrid Barajas, Spain

The light before anything else: Thinking only about the traveler’s experience and reducing the stress from endless international connections, Antonio Lamela and Richard Rogers designed one of the most acclaimed airports. The reason is its usage of the natural light. A series of domes filter the passage of light, discovering the colored beams and bamboo that make up its ceiling.

Los 5 aeropuertos más curiosos del mundo

Wellington Airport, New Zealand

Tolkien’s favorite: For lovers of the epic battles between elves, hobbits and Sauron’s armies, there is an airport as peculiar and epic as Tolkien‘s books. Wellington Airport is decorated with Lord of the Rings sculptures, Hobbit-themed installations, and curious and creative constructions such as the “The Rock” lounge, which simulates the local landscape. There is no doubt that this must be among the most curious airports in the world.

Image: New Zealand

Changi Airport, Singapore

Asian luxury: this airport has been designed to impress. Huge and countless stores, movie and even PlayStation theaters. But, without doubt, its most precious jewel is the Discovery Garden with tree-shaped sculptures that seem to be taken from Singapore itself. This is why it is among the most awarded and recommended in the world.

Marrakesh Menara Airport, Morocco

Modernity and tradition: This is a young airport and it doesn’t have the great dimensions of the others, but everyone visiting it agrees that it’s one of the most charming and beautiful in the world. Plagued by arabesques covering its windows, natural light enters generating curious plays of light and shadow. In addition, it is dominated by a printed glass facade of Islamic design providing a unique character.

Los 5 aeropuertos más curiosos del mundo

Denver Airport, USA

Pure mimicry: If one of the great challenges of commercial aviation is coexistence with the environment, the obsession of modern architecture is blending with the environment. Well, there is no better example of architectural integration than the one carried out by Frentress Architects. Photographed ad nauseam, the Jeppesen terminal evokes the snow-capped mountains surrounding the airport and the history of Colorado, mimiquing the teepee villages of native tribes.

Los 5 aeropuertos más curiosos del mundo

We hope that at some point you will have the opportunity to visit one of the most curious airports in the world and you can tell us everything about your experience.

Remember that everyone of them has its own idiosyncrasies, stories and little peculiarities that make them unique and precious. So, whether you check in or not, make a stopover or just wait for someone to arrive, open your eyes wide. You decide if you want to enjoy it.

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