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8 October 2020

The best of Bilbao, a city to discover

Bilbao offers great food, refreshing swims on its untamed beaches and it will soak your afternoons with good wine. It is the capital of Biscay, a grateful city mistakenly famous for its rain. Because don’t be fooled, the most authentic thing about Bilbao is not its rain but its gastronomy.

Bilbao is a small city of just over 345,000 inhabitants located in the north of Spain. But beware of its citizens should you call it small, because they say it is the capital of the world. Today we discover you the best of Bilbao, a list of essentials for your visit to the botxo, as they call it themselves. Note down!

Its tourist attractions

During your visit to Bilbao you cannot leave aside the classics. Those special places that will make you inmerse in its culture and history. The 6 tourist attractions you can’t miss are: the Guggenheim Museum, the 7 streets of Casco Viejo, the Mercado de la Rivera, the Plaza Nueva, the Arriaga Theater and the Museum of Fine Arts. Our advice, once you have seen all these places, let yourself go and stroll through its streets, get into the bars and simply enjoy.

The Biscayan coast

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of Bilbao? For sure, it’s pintxos or the Guggenheim. And if we tell you about its coast, you’ll say: Bilbao has no beach! No, it doesn’t but its province Vizcaya does. The closest beach is just 20 minutes by car or metro from the city. These are the beaches in Getxo, an area that you can’t miss. It’s full of very special corners where fishermen’s houses mix with palaces.

A few kilometers further away, you’ll find the beaches of Sopelana and Plencia, great to spend the whole day and even dare practicing a bit of surf.

The other Biscayan coast you can’t miss is Urdaibai. This natural space was declared a Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO in 1984. Urdaibai offers you some of the most beautiful and appreciated beaches in the Basque Country, Laida or the spectacular Laga beach, located under the overwhelming Peñón de Ogoño.

Here you can also find the famous hermitage of San Juan de Gaztelugatxe, and we say famous, since its appearance in Game of Thrones as Dragonstone, every day hundreds of tourists show up to visit it. The beautiful fishing villages of Bermeo, Elantxobe and Mundaka are another must-see on your visit to Urdaibai.

And don’t think that we’ve come a long way, we’re still less than an hour from Bilbao. Now let’s get back to the city to charge up the batteries.

The best of Bilbao is its gastronomy

In Bilbao there’s gastronomy to delight every palate, from pintxos to eat standing along with a good txakoli to Michelin Star bistros. If this is your first time in Bilbao, we strongly recommend you go for pintxos. Here are some of the best:

Sándwich del Eme (Gral. Concha 5), the omelette pintxo in Cafetería Concha (Gral. Concha, 25) , the txangurro or grilled squid in El Globo (Diputación, 8) , the gilda from Fermín (Iturribide, 6) , the mushrooms in Motrikes (Somera, 41) and the Idiazabal cream soup from Gure Toki (Plaza Nueva, 12) .

After this binge, we recommend to take a walk and soak up the joy that great Bilbao casts. Don’t wait any longer and book now your flight to Bilbao, your perfect escape for this fall.

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