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10 July 2020

The best of Panama’s Old Town

Panama’s Old Town is a place full of contrasts and curiosities, pristine stately buildings next to spoilt palaces. The best thing about it are their beautiful contradictions. It has that unique and enigmatic colonial charm and flavor that hooks travelers.

On your trip to Panama there are many things you can’t miss but without doubt one of the most important is the Old Town. We’ll tell you what to see and what to do, write down!

The history

Born from the need to create a safe haven from the aggressive pirate attacks, it’s got a special character. Not only that, at the beginning of the last century it was abandoned, hence the neglected and decrepit condition of some of its buildings. Although, in recent years, it has been recovered creating a very attractive leisure environment, restaurants, bars and shops. That’s why it’s often said that the old neighborhood is the little cousin of Old Havana.

What to see

As in almost every site with charm, the best thing to do in the Old Town is to stroll and get lost in its streets, get into its singularity and, of course, mix with the locals. To get to the Old City, you have to find your way in a relaxed manner and be open to all sorts of surprises.

There are places you can’t miss, a true MUST. To say that you’ve been to Panama’s Old Town, you have to visit at least one of its famous churches: Our Lady of Mercy, the Church of San José with its impressive golden altar, and the Metropolitan Cathedral, one of the largest in Central America.

Neither forget to visit its famous squares: Francia, Bolivar or Herrera. But, first of all, please you can’t walk these streets without buying a Panama hat from any of the artisans, showing the old ways of making this traditional hat in their shops.

Discover the best of Panama’s Old Town by its unique taste

The most famous dishes of Panama’s Old Town are the Raspados in old Julio or the Carimañolas a la panameña. But there’s something you must try to return with a good taste from the old quarters and it’s a good ceviche from the Seafood Market. Be careful, keep in mind that it closes on the third Monday of each month. Keep the date in mind!

In short, it’s a must-see on your visit to the city. Now that you know what is the best of Panama’s Old Town, you only have to book your trip.

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