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9 September 2020

The best of the Mallorca’s northern coast

AirEuropa_Costa Norte Mallorca

If there is something good about traveling is that, in the end, you understand that the best things in life are not material. And the best of life is full of the north coast of Mallorca. So, if you are one of those who measure priorities in sensations, if you live looking for the emotion of being left mouth gaped, today is your lucky day. Discover with us the best of the coast of Mallorca.

The north of Mallorca is a fresh, fertile and colorful region, where the Mediterranean sea meets the mountains. The long sandy beaches of the Bay of Alcudia contrast with the steep cliffs of the Sierra de Tramuntana. Being in Cap Formentor, the northernmost point of the island, is an experience as powerful as it is overwhelming. A sensation that, illuminated by its lighthouse, you can’t miss.

The routes of the north coast of Mallorca Mallorca 

If you like trekking, write down this name “Ruta de Pedra en Sec”. One of the best preserved and interesting hiking trails in Mallorca. Eight stages, from refuge to refuge, to travel its almost 280 kms. To walk and really enjoy it!

Another beautiful route is “Tren de Sóller”. Departing from Palma, the rails of this train take you comfortably through history, landscape and art to the town of the same name. On this pintoresque route, you will enjoy the view of the fascinating mountains of the Sierra de Tramuntana.

AirEuropa_Costa Norte Mallorca

The most beautiful villages of the Tramuntana 

We could say that the best known and most beautiful of the Sierra de Tramuntana are Valldemossa and Deyá. Two picturesque villages that you can’t miss on your trip to the north coast of Mallorca, as they offer another island far from the clichés.

Deyá, located between Valldemossa and Sóller, has a unique location between the Mediterranean Sea and the mountains, and is known as the most bohemian town on the island. You can’t leave the village without taking a bath in Cala de Deyá, its crystal clear waters and rocks make it one of the best virgin coves on the island.

In Valldemossa, its stone houses decorated with beautiful plants and green shutters will foster hundreds of photos. And although it might seem incredible, this is not its greatest attraction. La Real Cartuja is the monument that attracts thousands of tourists to visit Valldemossa year on year.

AirEuropa_Costa Norte Mallorca

Gastronomy of the north coast of Mallorca 

But we don’t forget another great pleasure. Eating and drinking is without doubt the best of the northern coast. Following the bouquet of the, so fashionable and exquisite, Mallorcan wine, everybody can design his own gastronomic route. Cocas, snails, arrós brut, tumbet, esqueixada, eels pie, ensaimadas … We could keep on naming dishes forever because the gastronomic culture of the north of the island is infinite. Just to give some directions, don’t forget to visit “Los Patos” in Port d´Alcudia, “Es Verger” in Castillo de Alaró, “Orient” in the town of the same name or the secluded and the hidden beach bar of “Sa Foradada” only accessible after a 30 minutes walk or by boat.

As you may have seen, the north of the island is full of the best things in life. Don’t wait any longer and travel to Mallorca, a wonderful and safe place.

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