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11 February 2020

The history of aeroplane food

he history of aeroplane food is unique and very interesting! Its origin and subsequent development are full of interesting facts that you may find surprising. You’ll love this story. Ready? Here we go!

The luxury of travel

When travel was a luxury and flying on an aeroplane was more momentous that taking a simple trip, travellers didn’t even think about eating or drinking on board. It was customary to wear a suit, donning gloves and a hat. Even if the travel distance was not very long, many travellers considered the experience an exclusive and extravagant adventure. Actors, entrepreneurs and the wealthy were the privileged few. 

In the 1920s, commercial aviation began to be ubiquitous as a means of transport, competing with trains and ships. In an effort to attract customers, the airlines of the time began to improve onboard service by offering more amenities, but how could they stand out? The answer was an in-flight meal and drink service.

The first meals and how they evolved

Although the first food offered on board was a simple snack (a sandwich and a soft drink), soon more modern planes with better cooking equipment began to raise the culinary bar. Furthermore, the wide corridors and ample space between seats were used to allow large food carts to circulate, serving generously filled trays.

Did you know that one of the delicacies served on board was lobster? The best menus of the time offered, among other succulent dishes, salads and meats, sauces and spectacular desserts that completed the menu. All meals were served on china dishes with beautiful flowers decorating each tray. 

Today’s aeroplane food is the result of a long history. Menus, their ingredients and preparation, even the way food was transported and served, has changed. This is why Air Europa is committed to these positive changes. Serving meals on aeroplanes is the product of a long history of adapting to the times. And the fact is that the 21st century is not just about innovation but also important factors such as sustainability

➡️ At Air Europa, not only are we committed to a quality menu, but it also needs to create little waste and be sustainable in its production. Our flights have meal options to make sure your trip is pleasant, comfortable and delicious. Not only will you be able to enjoy hot dishes, but also  a wide range of snacks, bites and breakfasts, with the option to order special meals, anything you want, whenever you want it! 

That is the history of aeroplane food. A century of history cannot be summarised, but we can tell you the most interesting facts. See you next time!

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Alicia Ratto