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28 October 2022

The paradise of Los Secretos

They have savoured the taste of success, but without stuffing themselves. Not that they need to. With over 40 years’ experience behind them, Los Secretos have proven that their sound survives trends, crises and even the death of one of its members, the legendary Enrique Urquijo. Ever since then, his brother has been the leader of a band with a distinctive style that is back with a new album (Mi paraíso – My Paradise) and a new tour (Recuperando las emociones – Recovering Emotions) that will tour Spain and South America, accompanied by Air Europa.

P. Can you remember what your first tours were like? The way you travelled? How you all lived together?

R. We felt like colonisers in a hostile land, with bad roads, bad sound equipment and squeezed inside a Talbot 150 car… But the thrill and adventure we were experiencing wrapped everything in an aura of excitement and challenge. We had a very limited budget for accommodation and transport, so we nearly always went home in the small hours after each concert. In the 1980s, there were hardly any motorways and whenever we could use them, the distance represented a very low percentage of the thousands of kilometres we had to drive. In 1981 alone, we did 110 concerts.

P. Now you’re going by plane with Air Europa, have you joined the jet-set?
R. I don’t know [laughter]. It only takes a few seconds to get used to the good things in life… Seriously though, it’s a real pleasure to be able to travel with Air Europa, the quality and the treatment is exquisite, I only have words of praise. The time we spend travelling is the worst part of this profession, the concert is for enjoyment, so all improvements in the transport will have a positive impact on the show.

P. During La Movida (The Madrid Scene, a countercultural movement that took place mainly in Madrid during the Spanish transition to democracy) you weren’t very transgressive, yet you’re still here today. Are trends bad muses?
R. In my opinion, there are two very different musical worlds: one is revolves around tendencies, trends and new technologies (such as social networks) and the other is music in the exact sense of the word, free from multinationals or monetisation and marketing. Music as something personal, free, democratic and cultural. This is the world in which we moved. Bad muses are fashions, and a fashion will disappear to make way for a new one, and anyone who doesn’t adapt to a new fashion that is about to arrive will soon be ignored.

P. Your latest studio album is called Mi paraíso, why? Where is your paradise on earth?
R. Does the title have a double meaning? On the one hand we refer to the paradise that is created between our personal style and our audience, where neither time nor the change of the century leave a mark. On the other, the song Mi paraíso talks a bit about what we’re doing to the planet, which for me is a superparadise. We’re very lucky to be able to continue performing and recording… isn’t that a paradise?

Interview credits: M.S.

Alicia Ratto

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