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29 July 2019

Travel Tips for the Perfect On-Board Experience

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Travelling should be a fun and exciting experience, so we’ve collected some on-board travel tips to help you make the most of your flight experience. 

The Perfect Traveller’s Hand Luggage

Pack fragile and valuable items such as tablets, mobile phones or laptops in your carry-on. If you are bringing more than one electronic device you need to ensure that the batteries are in good condition and check that they don’t exceed the lithium limit allowed per passenger. You should also be packing any medications you might need during your flight in your hand luggage, as well as a reading material and games or other source of entertainment that you might need, in addition to our in-flight entertainment.

All your belongings should be placed in the overhead lockers and whenever possible in the compartment directly above your seat so it is easy to keep track of your luggage. If the lockers above your seat are already full we recommend that you place your hand luggage in the lockers located above the row in front of you. Otherwise, when disembarking, you would have to go towards the back of the plane, which is usually difficult and causes congestion.

You can also place small handbags or backpacks underneath the seat in front of you, provided it does not obstruct the aisle, other passengers or the crew.



We take safety on board very seriously and that means we need to follow certain rules. For this reason, you must always follow the indications and advice given to you by our technical crew (pilots) and auxiliary crew (cabin crew), as well as all written and illuminated signs.  This is not only to avoid possible accidents but also to minimise the damage, if anything were to happen.

You will find an aircraft safety card in the pocket of the seat in front of you. This card will show you how to act in the event of a problem on board. It is important to read it carefully and to identify the location of the nearest emergency exit and understand how to use life jackets and oxygen masks in the event of an emergency.

Once all passengers are seated with their seat belts fastened, a member of the cabin crew will perform a demonstration in the aisle, in which they will explain the procedure to follow in the event of a problem in the plane. It is important to pay close attention to this demonstration, as it shows how to proceed step by step. During the flight, it is always recommended to keep your seat belt fastened, even when the illuminated sign is off.

If you are taking a large object on board that does not fit in the overhead locker, you must ensure that it is always properly secured and kept in the right place to prevent the object from causing any damage if there is any turbulence.


Rest and exercise

Flying abroad usually means staying seated and inactive for a long period of time. Although this does not pose a health or safety threat to most passengers, we highly recommend that you do not remain seated for too many hours in a row. In our on-board magazine, you will find exercise suggestions and these can be performed with minimal disturbance to other passengers. You should move your legs and feet every hour and if possible periodically take a walk around the aircraft and stretch your legs.

You will hopefully get some rest and relaxation during long-haul night flights. Whenever possible, our crew try to serve dinner as soon as possible after take-off, in order to allow passengers the maximum time for rest and hopefully sleep!


On board entertainment

Forgot your book, newspaper or magazine? Not to worry, all Air Europa’s long-haul flights come with individual seat entertainment systems.

The entertainment systems on our Boeing 787, Boeing 737 and Airbus A330 aircraft include a wide variety of services to make the flight more pleasant and speed by. We recommend bringing your own headphones on-board, so you can sit back and enjoy our entertainment systems. You’ll find music, films and TV programmes – countless hours of in-flight entertainment for the entire family, including comedy, drama, action and even animation films for the little ones. You can also see what’s new on board each month or check the movie catalogue on our website.


Meals and Shopping On Board

Travelling to one of our many long-haul destinations? In that case, you will be able to enjoy our delicious and healthy cuisine on-board. Depending on your flight’s take-off or landing time, you’ll be served breakfast, lunch or dinner and you can always bring food and drinks on-board should you need to do so.

In addition to the on-board menus served during long-haul flights, you can also purchase a selection of food and drinks from our in-flight catalogue, including tasty, freshly-made dishes and healthy snacks.


Toys, perfumes and other items are also available in our catalogue, and these can now be pre-ordered via our Sky Shop.

Flying Etiquette: The Do’s and Don’ts of Air Travel


It is important to respect the other passengers on board.

Few passengers are interested in your conversation with your travel partner, so you should keep your voice down once on board in order to avoid disturbing anyone. You should also check behind you before reclining your seat, as someone may be leaning forward, working on their laptop computer or have a drink on their fold-out table.

Waking a sleeping passenger during a long-haul flight is not nice but sometimes unavoidable, so you should be as considerate as possible. Another uncomfortable situation you need to avoid is falling asleep on the passenger next to you!

Another tip that will help you enjoy a more comfortable flight is to always wear comfortable, clothes on board. Due to the cabin pressure, you may feel bloated and your legs and feet may swell, so wearing loose clothes means you will be able to relax and get more rest. Similarly, you should wear loose-fitting shoes, or if you’ve slipped them off in favour of on-board socks or slippers, you may not get them back on!

We also advise you to keep track of your belongings in order to avoid the unlikely risk of theft inside the plane. Besides always keeping an eye on your belongings, we’d appreciate it if you could put any rubbish in the bags provided and putting it in the bin when leaving the aircraft.

Lastly, travelling with babies on board can be quite challenging and there is a strong possibility that they will start crying at some point. If this is the case, please try to be patient and understanding with parents who are trying to console their children.

If you are the one flying with children, you should be planning ahead and booking evening flights if possible, so that it coincides with their sleeping time. You should also bring toys, movies or books in order to keep them distracted and make the experience less stressful, especially for first-time travellers.

We hope you found these tips helpful and look forward to seeing you on-board!

Eva María Gomez Gomez