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28 December 2019

Travel to Iguazu: much more than just Falls in a red soil landscape

On your trip to the Iguazu Falls, one of the World’s Natural Wonders, don’t forget to visit La Garganta del Diablo. Of course not!  It’s a unique experience you’ll never forget. In this article we want to help you with your trip to that red soil land, Misiones, and give you some tips that will make it unforgettable.

Let’s go!

Location: Misiones, Argentina
Currency: Argentine peso
Language: Spanish

If you’re reading this article because you’ve decided to visit Iguazu and you’re looking for information on the falls, here is a link that will lead you to detailed information of the park, available trails and the best time and dates to visit. We recommend you keep reading!  The Misiones province also has other hidden wonders you can visit during your trip to the most spectacular falls on earth (please forgive us Niagara Falls…)

The Iryapu forest, ancestral nature: Guaraní cultural reserve.

One of the wonders you can’t miss in Misiones is Iryapu, characterized by its high biodiversity and new species that are constantly being discovered. Travellers who choose to visit Iryapu normally look for peacefulness and nature, get immersed in the jungle to see the manatees, enjoy the clean fresh air and the distant sound of water, which is the literal translation of the word Guarani “iryapu”. This special enclave is situated at the entrance of the Puerto de Iguazu and it’s a land of about 600 hectares situated between the Route 12 and the Iguazu River. If you’re looking for an authentic natural experience, stay at one of the Reserve’s hotels. These accommodations have been built respecting the natural surroundings, preserving the autochthonous vegetation, amidst incredible trees and a rich animal life. These hotels captivate travellers to live the jungle more closely, feel its sounds and enjoy its perfume… it’s a different experience that reconciles you with your most natural spirit.

selva iryapú
Selva Iryapú

It’s interesting for travellers to learn about the governmental integration initiative in respect of the indigenous cultures’ traditions. The Mbya people and the hotels’ owners have worked together to make possible that travellers can hike with native guides, buy traditional craftsmanship and participate in authentic local Guarani cultural festivals and celebrations. With this in mind, during November 2019 the “casa de la Resistencia Mbya Guaraní” was inaugurated. It’s managed by the Guaraní community and its purpose is to showcase their culture and become a touristic attraction, through a 40 to 50 minutes walk.

Misiones. 3 tips you can’t miss

Firstly, have you already tried the mate tea normally served in Argentinean meetings? If you haven’t, do so, because you can’t travel around Argentina without having tried this tea. If you are still at the readying your trip phase, find information about this Argentinean mate tea icon, it could be useful. Why do you think we are telling you all of this? Because Misiones is the world’s main producer of the mate herb, leader in cultivating it, 80% goes to internal market (we already talked about the Icon…).

Secondly, besides mate tea, Misiones is also leader in two other productions: all the Argentinean tea, which is mainly exported to the United States; and the burley tobacco, almost always produced by traditional farms.

>What would you say is the province’s landscape colour? If no colour comes to your mind that means you haven’t seen many pictures of Misiones. Red! Its soil is of an intense reddish colour because of the minerals it’s composed of. Red soil is Misiones’ symbol; it’s a characteristic picture that those who visit it never forget.

Misiones, tierra colorada
Misiones, tierra colorada

And now, here are Air Europa’s most personal recommendations for you.

Eat:  An absolute must is to have a mate tea with a local while he’s giving you his vision of Argentina. You could also do this in Buenos Aires or Rosario… but doing it in the middle of the jungle or contemplating the falls is without doubt the best of experiences.

Live: Listen to the Iryapu forest: toucans, butterflies, tapirs, anteaters (gigantic!), howler monkeys, ocelots and jaguars. Live the jungle with the Mbya community, nobody knows this area better than they do.

Love:  The distant sound of water which the Iryapu etymologically mentions is the best place to love nature, disconnecting from the outside world and connecting with oneself.

Hope you are already preparing your luggage to go and see yourself this spectacular place. Look for Iguazu flight offers and … Bon voyage!

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