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19 December 2019

Travel to Panama: don’t miss their incredible beaches

Viaje Panama

When you go to Panama remember your flip flops and swimming costume. Panama has incredible white sand deserted beaches, kilometres long, to just walk and linger… after a visit to Panama you wouldn’t be the first to feel your life has changed! We don’t want to go that far, but we do want to mention some of the beaches you shouldn’t miss on your trip.

Let’s go!

Location: Panama
Currency: US Dollar and Balboa
Language: Spanish

The first place you visit in Panama will most probably be the international airport Tocumen. On your way to Panama City’s centre or Pitiguay (PTY), as locals call it, you will be amazed by the skyline of Panama’s business district, Punta Paitilla with huge skyscrapers. You will also feel its humidity, its wonderful green and admire the Parque Metropolitano, a beautiful green jungle, almost inside the city. But with no doubt, what is most attractive, are the beaches on the Pacific coast and the Caribbean.

Bocas del Toro: Bluff Beach and Larga Beach

 It’s hard to choose from the islands and beaches in Boca del Toro, very hard! Bocas is a very special place embedded in the Caribbean, not far from Costa Rica’s frontier. In Bocas archipelago we can find people of different nationalities living together, like Latin Caribbeans, North Americans and a handful of Europeans. Panama attracted all of them and they started up businesses either in catering, adventure travel or scuba diving… Bocas is an international place, peaceful but with nightlife and most of all has marvellous beaches.

> Bluff beach: it’s a must to walk along this veeery long and fine golden sand beach. If you’re a surf lover, then this is also your beach. But careful! Be aware of the currents. Bluff Beach is in Isla Colón, the biggest and most inhabited island of Bocas del Toro and where you can find most of the hotels and touristic attractions. It’s far from the centre of the island so tourists normally rent bicycles or quads to get there.

> Larga Beach: if you like ecotourism, then Larga Beach on the Island Bastimentos is the place for you; it is of great ecological importance as it’s turtles’ preferred place to lay their eggs. If you are lucky and you’re there when it happens, it’s a very special moment.

San Blas: back to origins

If what you like is sunbathing, then you must go to San Blas. No matter where you look, you’ll only find peacefulness, turquoise water, sun, palm trees, white sand… The inhabitants of San Blas are called Guna Yala, indigenous people known for their decorative art. They are famous for making molas, very bright and colourful clothing which they usually wear.

Pedasí and Venao Beach, surf lovers’ world

We are now going to Pedasí on the Pacific coast; it’s a road trip of about 5 hours from Panama City. Venao Beach is 34 km from Pedasí and when we arrive we hear a constant but relaxing sound: the waves hitting the shore and music coming from the chill-out areas in the small bars near the beach. It’s a tropical enclave that captivates visitors and especially surfers, here waves are enormous. This area seems to attract a lot of celebrities… they say it has moved people such as Mel Gibson, Carolina de Mónaco or Mick Jagger. Can you imagine seeing Michael Jordan playing in the village’s basketball court? That’s what locals claim.

Isla Coiba: Scuba diving paradise

Isla Coiba’s history is rather peculiar because during many years there was a prison there. In 2005 the prisoners were relocated to other prisons and that’s when Coiba was opened up to tourism. The island has marvellous flora and fauna, both marine and terrestrial. It’s a very special place and ideal to practice scuba diving, where you can see more than forty different types of fish and marine life, like turtles and stingrays.

And now, here are Air Europa’s most personal recommendations for you:

Eat: We recommend that you try the fish at the small restaurants near the beaches, both in Pedasí and Bocas. The fish is always fresh as it’s just been caught and they will tell you a tale related to the specie, the storytelling is guaranteed.

Live: Bocas del Toro has both day and night life. Go to Isla Colón and have dinner at one of the restaurants surrounded by water. If you take your swimming costume, you might want to go swimming at one of the pools by the restaurants.

Love: No shoes, no problems! Put on your flip flops and forget the city, the stress and your daily life. Panama’s beaches will transport you to another planet and take you nearer to nature. Beaches with waves and Caribbean beaches, wild but with small infrastructures… a heavenly place you won’t forget.

Hope you are already preparing your luggage to go and see yourself this spectacular place. Four flights weekly, four opportunities to fly to Panama.

Bon voyage!

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