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24 October 2017

USB charging ports installed in our Airbus 330 fleet

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We are installing USB charging ports in our Airbus 330 fleet so that long-haul passengers can charge their electronic devices. So far, the USB charging ports, which produce up to 2.1A per port, have been fitted in three Airbus 330-200 aircrafts, and this technology will gradually be installed throughout the rest of the fleet.This new improvement is part of the modernisation and efficiency plan currently being implemented by the airline with the aim of improving the on-board experience of customers.
With this action, we want to guarantee that all long-haul passengers have a power supply to charge their electronic devices.

Until now, USB charging ports have only been available for business class passengers flying on the Airbus 300, and for both business and economy class passengers on the Dreamliner aircrafts. For short and medium-haul flights, the three new Boeing 737-800 aircraft, incorporated in the Air Europa fleet this summer, also feature USB charging ports.

The USB charging ports are situated under the passenger’s seat and can be used to obtain power when the light is switched on.

Air Europa is committed to guaranteeing the connectivity of on-board passengers, and therefore its entire long-haul fleet, made up of eight Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner and twelve Airbus 330, features a WiFi service.

The following rates apply:

wifi fares on board

Advice to get the most out of the WiFi service:

  • Remember that audio and video files use up a lot of data.
  • Voice calling apps such as Skype, FaceTime or WhatsApp can consume your data package in just a few minutes.
  • It is important to deactivate automatic updates on your mobile device during the flight as they can quickly use up a lot of data.
  • Also, deactivate background updates in applications.
  • Deactivate automatic image and video downloads in applications such as WhatsApp and Telegram.
  • For your data package to work properly, we recommend avoiding sharing files or accessing multimedia content.
  • Some operating systems and web browsers may not work, such as Windows Phone/Internet Explorer Mobile, etc.
  • Links to consult about how to activate and deactivate automatic updates on Apple and Google Play.

In addition, the Airbus fleet features a streaming service offering individual and personalised entertainment. Passengers can use their mobile devices to access a wide variety of audiovisual content, completely free of charge. This individual and personalised service can be used on routes operated by the Airbus 330, such as New York, Cancun, San Pedro of Sula (Honduras), Punta Cana, Caracas, Guayaquil, Santa Cruz de la Sierra (Bolivia), Asuncion (Paraguay), Cordoba (Argentina) and our destinations in Brazil.

Eva María Gomez Gomez