2 December 2019


Sao Paulo and its cuisine are a perfect tandem to consider when planning your trip to one of the cities with most attractions within Brazil. The city offers more than fifteen thousand restaurants and twenty thousand bars. We can confirm without mistake that the gastronomy itself is an intrinsic part of Sao Paulo’s official cultural activities

Let’s go discover!

  • Location: Brazil, State of Sao Paulo
  • Currency: Brazilian Real (RS)
  • Language: Portuguese

Sao Paulo is a big vertical city, a gigantic metropolis that keeps growing upwards to the sky and has no limits. If you believe there’s no better way to get to know a city than to walk around it, remember to take an extra pair of shoes. Apart from taking the most astonishing pictures of special places like beco do Batman (a must for Instagrammers) or walking down the two miles long avenida paulista like any local; you can’t miss the secret delicacies of the local gastronomy.

Sao Paulo’s Traditional Cuisine

Let’s start our culinary route at the local temple: the Mercado Municipal Paulistano also known as Cantareira o Mercadao. We are again overwhelmed by the figures: more than 130.000 square feet around the Tamnduateí River, more than 1.500 workers handling around 350 tons of food a day in more than 290 outlets, there’s food for all likes, from the most traditional or casual to the most elaborated gourmet cuisine.

Among the many options (many indeed) we have selected two that we’ll make you feel like a local. First, without any doubt, have the Mortadella Sandwich, an all time classic that’s worth a try. French bread filled with, yes you got it right, a POUND of Mortadella. Bar do Mané is one of the best places to enjoy this dish since 1933, the grand opening of the Mercadao. The second winning option is Pastel de Bacalao, Sao Paulo’s true gastronomic icon. Its most classic version is served at Hocca Bar, and its secret family sauce recipe.

The market is also an architectural example of the German heritage with its spectacular windows. It’s really impressive to contemplate the buildings’ neoclassic style, size and beauty. In the 60s, local authorities considered its demolition due to the decline of the trade and lack of hygiene and security. However, local traders and market fans fought to preserve the future of this monument and finally made it a part of the Brazilian historical, archaeological, artistic and touristic heritage.

Sao Paulo and its little Japan: Liberdade district.

Sao Paulo’s Liberdade district gathers the biggest Japanese culture outside of Japan. Here you can enjoy the best and most authentic temaki, but what is really interesting is to walk around its streets and be amazed by the local handicrafts flea market. Today it’s just another district of Sao Paulo and has been abrasileirado, in manners, decoration, slang and of course in its unique culinary fusion between Brazil and Japan. Also, you can eat what’s probably the best ramen in South America.

It’s a district with a distinctive personality, worthwhile walking its streets and discovering it. At the beginning of the twentieth century the Brazilian and Japanese governments made an agreement to send a Japanese colony to initially work on the coffee plantations but years later many of them moved to Liberdade to improve their living conditions.

Sao Paulo is also sweet.

Sao Paulo’s desserts won’t disappoint you either. It hasn’t been easy but we’ve selected two wonderful desserts to bring to an end this review of Sao Paulo’s local cuisine.

For pudding lovers, the pudim de leite: condensed milk covered with caramel and a touch of lemon. It’ll give you extra energy to keep walking the streets of this amazing metropolis. And, last but not least, for chocolate lovers: el brigadeiro: a traditional birthday cake. It’s made of butter, condensed milk and chocolate (lots of chocolate!), suitable for winter and summer as you can eat it either hot or cold.

Sao Paulo’s culinary MUSTS:

EAT: An absolute must is the Sandwich de Mortadela at any of the stalls in the Mercado Municipal. An all time classic that will grant you the Paulista de Pro Traveller award.

LIVE: Walk around Vila Madalena and go into any of its trendy and cosmopolitan bookshops, try the Picanha and get away from the city skyline.

LOVE: Samba and caipirinha are the perfect combination to love this gigantic and colourful city of Sao Paulo.

Hope you are already preparing your luggage to get to know personally this spectacular culinary destination. We fly you to Sao Paulo everyday from Madrid and can connect you from other Spanish and European cities, Fly to Sao Paulo! Start your trip to Brazil!

Bon voyage!

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