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7 July 2022

We get lost in Panama


We land in Panama, a city that radiates life, where the most cosmopolitan coexists with centenary traditions, blending into a perfect gear that simply makes you fall in love.

We will put together an album of memories that will exceed every expectation. Let yourself be conquered by the Panamanian spirit and experience the city (and the country) from within!

If you want to fall in love from the very first minute, we invite you to join us on this tour to some of the most exceptional places in the country.

Panama: the charms of its capital

We get into the heart of the capital, its Old Town.

It was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. Its squares full of life and its picturesque streets paved with bricks and surrounded by colorful buildings make you fall in love at every corner.

In its streets, we will find the best museums in the city: Museo del Canal and Museo de la Mola, where traditional indigenous textile art is exhibited. But if you like art, you have to stop by the National Theater of Panama and admire the frescoes on its ceiling.

Casco Antiguo Panamá

The Cathedral, Plaza Mayor and Plaza de Francia are three places to stop by and enjoy.

No matter from where you look, you will always see it, and you can’t miss getting to its top. We are talking about Cerro Ancón. This hill is located almost 200 meters above sea level, where the Panamanian flag waves at its summit and is considered one of the capital’s points of interest.

Cerro Ancón

Many consider it an island covered with forests within an urban area as important as Panama City. Did you know the size of the flag that waves at this hill is half the size of a basketball court? Awesome!

And we cannot leave Panama without visiting the Metropolitan Park. A true natural sanctuary and the green lung of the capital.

What can we find in this curious place?

Its biodiversity simply amazes us. There are more than 248 species of flora and 283 species of birds, snakes, amphibians, mammals, … an authentic tropical forest!

We will experience nature in its purest form inside the heart of the city.

And even if trekking is not your favorite activity, it is worth hiking some of the recommended routes, depending on the level of difficulty that interests us.

Anton’s Valley

Located in the crater of a volcano, it is surrounded by mountains and hills, never exceeding thousand meters in height. It is a very accessible place and, if you are a true nature lover, it is one of your MUST visits.

You will visit Chorro el Macho waterfall, one of the most famous places in the valley, where you will be amazed by the number of different amphibians you can find, climb to the top of India Dormida or explore other hills in this volcanic crater.

Valle de Antón

Butterfly Haven and the Aprovaca Orchid Center will surprise you with the different types of butterflies and orchids that inhabit this area.

Chiriqui. Green and volcanic routes.

We stop at Boquete, under the shadow of the Barú volcano, where you can take the coffee route. Geisha, the most appreciated coffee in the world, is grown in this area. But tasting coffee is not the only thing to do as gastronomy, in every sense, plays an important role at this enclave.


What do you think of the Sendero de Los Quetzales route? 10 kilometers of adventure to discover the rarest flora and fauna in Panama.

And from the greenest to the most volcanic area, welcome to Volcán Barú! A volcano over 3,500 meters high, the highest peak in Panama, from where, on a good day, you can see both the Pacific and Atlantic oceans at the same time.

And after so much nature, the time has come to relax and enjoy the culture and the heavenly beaches of Panama.

Visit the Emberá indigenous communities.

Comunidad de indígenas

Two activities in one: a canoe ride on the Chagres River and a unique lesson about the culture of one of the indigenous communities that still today continue to live its own culture, language and traditions.

The Emberás have a strong commitment to environmental conservation and their tours have minimal impact on the habitat around them. During the visit, you will experience first-hand their lifestyle and beliefs.

Bocas del Toro

If you want to disconnect, you have come to the right place. Your only concern will be surfing and snorkeling.

Bocas del Toro

Bocas del Toro is an archipelago with multiple islands and beaches, rich in marine life such as colonies of colorful fish, coral reefs and sea turtles. If you like diving, don’t think twice and immerse yourself in its blue universe!

We have no doubt that Panama has many places that are magical, ideal for enjoying wonderful and fun vacations.

During your trip you will experience a country of contrasts that will leave you with a unique flavor.

We are sure you already have more than enough reasons to visit Panama. Now the time has come to take out the calendar and plan your next trip.

At Air Europa, we fly you directly to make your dream come true.

Off we go!

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