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23 September 2020

When in doubt, Surf in Fuerteventura


As every surfer would say, “when in doubt, always paddle”. This great motto should go further and end with: “… and if you don’t know where to surf, always go for Fuerteventura”. Surfers of the world, if you haven’t experienced it yet, you have to try surfing in Fuerteventura.

Also known as the island of the wind, Fuerteventura is a paradise where you will always find places to go further and better yourself. Whatever your age, level or guts, you’ll always find a wave to dance with. This Canary island is considered one of the most beautiful in the archipelago and a reserve of the biosphere. Its arid and deserted landscape contrasting with the blue of its waters, makes surfing in Fuerteventura a unique experience. We show you which are the best places to experience it.

Beaches for surfing in Fuerteventura

El Cotillo: It’s a small town in the north of the island. The beach, located in the Cotillo village, is accessed by a gravel road just before entering the town. In winter, it’s the spot place for intermediate and advanced surfers.

Punta Blanca: Everything has a beginning and, of course, we bear beginners in mind. Also in the north of Fuerteventura, there’s a reef for those looking for their first waves. The best times for this are spring and fall. You will find both left and right waves with streams that break on the beach. If, in addition, there’s northeast wind, you will have a dream surfing day.Playa del Morro: En esta playa encontrarás tanto olas de derecha como de izquierda y es una muy buena opción para avanzados y principiantes.  Se ubica entre Corralejo y Puerto del Rosario, y tiene un parking de fácil acceso.

If you travel to Fuerteventura for surfing, you can’t miss these two nearby locations:

El Hierro: for the most advanced and daring surfers. It has some of the better known and most famous waves in the archipelago. Go to the north and right after the fishing village of Majanicho, you will hallucinate with the speed of the barrels, both left and right.

Los lobos: A small 4.5km island accessible by ferry from Fuerteventura. Its waves are the highest on the right side of Europe. Here you will find perfect waves for advanced surfers. In short, a spectacular volcanic island for surfing.

If you are a surf fan, you will surely share this saying: “many travel to surf, but I surf to travel.” This time surfing takes you to Fuerteventura, where in addition to a good surf you can enjoy its incredible climate all year round. Do you need more reasons? Don’t wait any longer and book your flight now.

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