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9 February 2022

Wynwood Walls: 4 Things You Can’t Miss


Wynwood Walls is an outdoor graffiti area located south of the Miami’s Design District. Around 1950, it was an industrial and ghetto area known as Little San Juan by the large number of Puerto Ricans who lived there. Over time, many of the industrial buildings were abandoned and artists from around the world have shaped the place into one of the most important art spaces in Miami. Ready, set, go!

Mural at Wynwood Walls – Bruce Warrington

Currently, it is an area where many activities and companies related to arts and design are concentrated. The attraction of visiting the ​Murals or Street Art areas has changed it from being an almost abandoned place to one of the top destinations in Miami.

4 MUSTS in Wynwood Walls


You can find more than 40 murals by the main Street Art artists coming from countries such as Japan, Brazil, Chile, France, Holland or Mexico. And from different parts of the United States such as Los Angeles, New York or Miami to create true master pieces.

Mural at Wynwood Walls – Merçi Dagli

Walking through the streets of Wynwood is finding loads of color in its murals and graffiti, which can be interpreted in many different ways but are undoubtedly very creative.


But Wynwood is much more than Murals, you will also find more than 80 art galleries where many artists exhibit their paintings and works for sale.

Art Gallery at Wynwood Walls – Merçi Dagli


Through the different streets you will find sculptures made with recycled materials from the abandoned industrial buildings. This is part of the renovation that has taken place, reshaping it into art.

Street Sculpture at Wynwood Walls – Bruce Warrington


There is not only art here. Many shops have set place such as cafes, bakeries and restaurants, shops with the latest indie and hipster trends in Miami… In addition, other businesses that were already in the area have joined the street art wave and have added a little color to their walls and buildings.

Miami is not just about beaches, spectacular buildings and wonderful views. Miami is art and multiculturalism. All the nationalities that coexist in this city make it special and worth visiting.

Now you can’t say you have no reason to travel to Miami, can you? Well, don’t wait any longer, we’ll take you there!

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